The Big One


Some american scientist think that "The BIG ONE" will be the most powerfull earthquake with 8 degrees in Richter Scale and an intensity IX that will destroy all the California coastline. The Big One would be one of the worst earthquakes of the history.

The Big One    The trigger could be a little fault situated under Los Angeles city that was discovered in 1987 after the Whittier Narrows earthquake (5,9 degrees in Richter Scale and 9 deads) with 29 miles along and 15 miles Wide. It´s situated un one of the most dangerous seismic places of the planet, and where the Pacific tectonic plates slide under North America tectonic plate, which cause big tensions that some times give place to enormous earthquake. Puente Hills fault was discovered in 1987 after Whittier Narrows earthquake, and according to the report of California South Earthquakes Center, the earthquakes magnitude that will be able to cause in this fault can be up the 7,5 degrees in the Richter Scale.

   The high intensity that can be up is a object of concern for the scientist, even more than the fault situated outskirts Los Angeles, the famous San Andreas Fault.

   In the last 11000 years, four earthquakes have been caused in this fault with a magnitude between 7,2 and 7,5 in Richter Scale. However, the scientists have come to the conclusion that The Big One has few possibilities to happen to 3000 years.

   The scientist of the California South Earthquake Centre, have done a sham by the computer of the fault and its break up. With a earthquake of 7,5 degrees could be up 18000 deads and around 268000 casualties. This catastrophe would take the colapso of Los Angeles medical services, without count the 211.000 families that could lost their homes, beside the other ones that must leave their houses because of hazard fall down. The cost of the disaster would be around 25000 millions dollars